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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  January 26, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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just learned his fate inside an emotional kenton county courtroom. hear more next... the suspect involved in an overnight police chase is on the loose right now. hear what sparked the chase... and how it ended in a crash. but first... a story you'll only see on fox19 now. what happened at miami university last night!? police say they saw a big spike in ambulance calls for underage drinking, drugs and fighting! good evening everyone i'm tricia macke. fox19 now's mike schell is live in oxford.. mike are we in for a repeat tonight?
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we are at now at the epicenter of restuarant district say a combination of things led to some students deciding to indulge themselves... 1van "oxford, you know, its a day it is you'll aways fun." and that held true...monday night.... 2van "i think people are just, you know, eager to get back with all their friends, back with their organizations so they probably hit the town." 1ben "we had a little bit more activity than usual on campus." miami university police captain, ben spilman says monday night was the first time students returned to campus from a month-long winter term layoff 4ben "students know why they're here. they're here to attend the university and edit that they're drinking responsibly and if they're under 21 that probably means not drinking at all." during the first week back...students basically show up to class and get an outline of and get an outline of the curriculum ahead of them... 3van "people use the excuse of syllabus week. kind of say, homework hasn't started yet so we can go out, stay out a little later, before classes
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5van "you don't want any run- ins with the law or anything like that." but some of ben's classmates did have run-in's with the police monday night... there were several arrests for underage consumption...fighti ng...drug possession...and one female students at this hall was rushed to the hospital after police say she ingested a marijuana edible.. 5ben "i guess i'm not terribly surprised that on the first night of classes back to school, after everyone's been away for a month that we'd be a little busy in the evening." 4van you just hope people can be smart, you know. i mean, this is college, people love to let loose and have a good time." ben says one solution to drinking irresponsibly is through education...and making sure students know the dangers. 6van "i think the school does a good job with that" so college life continues....and oxford has a lot to offer... 7van "we got a lot of great restaurants up here, some bars and, you know, you'll always find someone you know and find something to do up here." now it might only be tuesday, but police already say they're preparing for the weekend... tricia. tricia anchor question
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the next 50 years in prison for a fatal crash last march. this was the scene inside the courtroom this afternoon as 33- year old scott rains faced a judge in a wheelchair. police say rains was driving under the influence when he crossed the median on turkey foot road and struck 2 other cars head on. marianne gerl of erlanger was pronounced dead on the scene. 2 other victims suffered non life- threatening injuries. new information on a disturbing story we brought you last night... you're looking at steven rekowski of lawrenceburg... in
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charges. after his first court appearance this morning... we're learning more about him. fox19 now's gordon graham is in dearborn county. open-----prosecutor s say they've added the names of seven more young children to list of steven rekowski's alleged victims, but as investigators dig deeper into the images on rekowski's cell phone more charges may follow. the latest charges against rekowski include multiple counts of child molestation, child exploitation and performing sexual conduct in the presence of a minor. rekowski lists this house in aurora, indiana as his address, but the couple who lives here says rekowski only stayed here a couple of weeks. the couple declined to be identified or interviewed on camera, but say they had no idea about rekowski's alleged darker side. however, they say he asked to take their children at a time to watch a movie. rekowski earned money, in part, as a karaoke dj working at places like the cottage in aurora and the levee
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where manager bob ogles says rekowski was popular among the customers. bob-----he had a following. he was very good at what he did, he was punctual. i mean i've been in and out of this bar business for 30 years. nothing surprises me this one did. ogles says the charges of child molestation are stunning. bob----i'm surprised. being a grandfather of 18....he never would have made it out of the laundry room with me. rekowski was reportedly locked in a laundry room when the mother of one of the alleged victims discovered child porn images on rekowski's phone. close----rekowski is just two days shy of his 45th birthday and if he's convicted on all the charges he could spend the rest of his life in prison. at the dearborn county courthouse i'm gordon graham fox19 now. a kenton county man will now spend the next five years in prison for distributing child porn. 32-year old william summerlin, seen here, was sentenced today
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found child porn on his electronic devices. in addition to jail time, he'll also be ordered into a sex offender treatment program. multiple police departments are on the hunt tonight for a suspect who lead officers on an overnight chase that ended with a crash! take a look at your screen. police say this man is clarence jones, who allegedly came into the walmart on red bank road just before 5 a-m. several employees say jones was acting strange and possibly trying to steal something. that's when they alerted a cincinnati police officer who just happened to be buying dinner. shortly after, the suspect left the store and took off in a dark s-u-v. police spotted the pull him over... only that went all the way up i-71... ending with the suspect rock wall near police say jones then took off on foot, and remains on the loose. if you've got
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if you're away from the t-v.. come on back... because we're gonna tell you what led to this crazy fight between two drivers with make- shift weapons. plus.. "today we want to let everybody know that your lunch and your tab is on us, so we're gonna cover everybody's lunch... clapping." we'll tag along with local workers showing random acts of kindness.. and explain why they did it. matt... matt wx desk you're watching fox19 now at 6:30 in high definition, sponsored by performance toyota: always home of the $24.99 oil change live now animation
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avenue where you
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tonight if you're not prepared. once again.. tonight at 8, there will be single and double lane closures on the northbound lanes at the norwood lateral for bridge work. and starting at 9, the ramp from 75- north to the lateral will also be shut down. everything is expected to be back open by 6 a-m. but it doesn't end there. more closures are gonna be happening throughout the week... we've got a full breakdown of what to expect on fox19 now dot com. ford is now announcing the most recent recall involving the takata airbags that have been causing major problems over the last year. it affects nearly 400-thousand ranger pickup trucks made between 2004 and 2006. similar to past recalls, air bag inflators can explode with too much force and cause injuries! there have already been several deaths tied to the
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believe you're affected... head to your nearest dealership. right now a marysville ohio man is behind bars for a police chase that went up in smoke... literally. david moore was wanted for allegedly approaching a 13- year old girl. when they found him, he took off... only to have the chase end with his van catching on dog out! in the end... no one was hurt. brooks / marysville police department "everybody did exactly done. from the child to the parent to the 911 dispatcher to the officers responding." chase reached miles an hour at one point! and have you seen it's been blowing up on social media... showing how 2 men a new level in austin, texas. a witness captured two men began
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man making an obscene gesture that's when they both got out of their cars... one with a bat, the other grabbing a long pole from his truck.... and just that action... the when the light turned green... both men got back in their cars and took off. suggests it's the prison in ohio.. and it's right in our backyard. details next. and how about some good news! "we're gonna pick up everybody's lunch.. so it's on us." we'll explain why workers decided to foot the bill... for people they don't even know. rem pic live... are you ready coat away? you might get to. we'll tell you when.. next.
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bank robbery that
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take a look at your screen. released photos today of investigators say this man showed a handgun to a teller bank on paxton avenue yesterday. the man took off in an undisclosed amount of cash. if you think you know who this might be... call crimestoppers at 513-352-3040. funeral arrangments have for the milford high school a crash earlier this week. the visitation for 16-year old lauren wilfong will be this wednesday at the john-h-evans funeral home in milford, with the funeral following the next day. police say she was driving on glendale milford road when her car veered off and hit an oncoming car. the driver of the other car was not hurt. investigators say drugs and alcohol were not factors in the crash. a new state study says violence in ohio prisons is going down.... but it
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prison in our area. the lebanon correctional institution has been officially deemed the most violent prison in ohio by a state inspection committee! the report shows that the center had nearly 26-hundred violent incidents between 20-12 and 20-14. "this is your oath of office, after i read this, i want you all to say i do..." and just like that... three local kids were named honorary "chiefs for a day" with the cincinnati police department this morning. the event was a partnership between the department and the group "small voices count"... an anti- bullying group that empowers kids and those with disabilities. all three kids were hand-picked by the group for their accomplishments... and spent the day with chief eliot isaac seeing the day in the life of a police officer. we've all seen the viral videos of someone paying it forward and helping out the less fortunate.... but you probably think it's never gonna happen to you. well today, that all changed for some people out
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to workers from a fox19 now's shawn lanier has more. michael howard: "today everybody know that you're lunch and your u-s bank wanted to pay it forward... so here at pho lang thang at findlay market, u-s bank picked up michael howard: "we're going to pick up today. it's on us. and the reaction? tom hays: "my wife and i were both in the army so there's nothing we like better than a free antonia susarret: "i didn't know what was surprise." deandre miller: brought the whole defintely expect it to i'm greatly appreciative for it." but paying if forward didn't stop here. they had including carabello coffee in newport... giving free coffee and anything else you can buy here. and through u-s bank's story of we heard other stories of people
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opportunity. deandre miller: "everytime we go out to eat, whatever we don't finish, we go and give it away to someone homeless on the street or someone standing out " amy clark: "i kind of feel like the lord lays it on my heart to just bless somebosy or maybe buy them coffee or just pay for something for them or just bless them is some way." shawn lanier: "u-s bank says this was simply a way for them to thank their customers and the community of cincinnati. no word if or when they planning this again. reporting in newport shawn lanier fox19 now." weather now animation let's check in on your forecast with meteorologist matt holiner matt weather now for a look at
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"i'm a little bit angry but i'm more disappointed." total strangers.. raising thousands of dollars for a woman with cancer... or so they thought. the elaborate scam you don't want to miss.. tonight at 10. ever buy something on craigslist.. but freak out about who you're gonna exchange the money with? we'll tell you the local law enforcement agency that's offering up their facility.. to keep you safe during the transaction. and a warning about a prank on social mediathat could cause your smart phone or computer to crash! the website you need to avoidat ten. and tonight on fox, check out new girl and starting at 8, brooklyn nine-nine starting at 9. then we're right back here for fox19 now at ten. we'll take you practice in providence just hours before tonight's top ten showdown... did you see any find out why next. sot "sports animation"
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the forecast is in. "a chance of snow." and for those of us who love winter, these words mean so much more. they mean a chance to conquer new hills. and explore new trails. a chance for first steps. a chance to leave the world behind. it's our chance to bundle up, get outside and laugh with the ones we love. welcome to the winter wonderland of pure michigan.
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at the beach. this picture is what andrew whitworth today tweeted at tricia. big whit and the
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for sunday's pro bowl. and two more bengals are on the way - adam jones and cedric peerman are now in. that makes eight bengals. the franchise record is nine. you are now inside xavier's shoot around today in providence. and - if j-p macura hits one from steph curry range tonight - now you know why. this is a biggie. xavier and providence are both top ten and both tied for second in the big east standings. chris mack: "it's a monster league that we're in. it's getting a lot of national credit and it should. you've got four teams in the top 25 and all four are in the top of the standings. i don't look at it big picture how we're playing compared to the kansas-es. that's for people outside of the cintas center to worry about." joe hplaz/gfx we'll show you that game and a local high school coach about to make some history. find out tonight at ten. check this out... things seem to be going well for cincinnat at the
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right now in utah. emilio estevez tweeted out this picture of him with members of the cincinnati film commission and chef jean robert. it reads... "in sundance with my ohio peeps! cincy has 4 films at fest" that includes goat, carol, miles ahead and the fits. good luck to everyone involved! we will see you tonight at ten.... tricia 4shot don't forget wheel of fortune and jeopardy are next!!! announcer: fox19 now never stops. take us with you wherever you go. log on to and download the fox19 now app. matt more rain heading
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